Everything you need to know about the Rare Beer Picnic

Everything you need to know about the Rare Beer Picnic

Everything you need to know about Moorhead’s Rare Beer Picnic 2018

From the perspective of a regular light beer drinker

Last Saturday, July 21st was the 4th annual Rare Beer Picnic in Moorhead, MN. I had the pleasure of attending on behalf of Fargo Food Guide, and my light beer drinking self can now be considered a beer connoisseur.
The Rare Beer Picnic Take Home MugSome of you may have gone to this event or at least heard of it, but for those who didn’t, here’s the scoop. This is the first year I’ve ever heard of this event, and it was such a great time that I had to write about it. This year’s picnic took place at W.H Davy-Memorial Park in Moorhead, MN. The park itself was beautiful with lots of space for people to enjoy the event.

Tickets were right around $50 each after taxes and online fees, which yes, sounds like a lot. It was so worth it because your ticket comes with so many perks! Here’s what my ticket got me: a tulip beer glass to take home, a plate of delicious Mexican cuisine from Rustica, live music from The Cropdusters, yard games, and… UNLIMITED BEER! It sounds too good to be true, but the event had an official beer list of all the delicious brews you could keep sampling until they were gone, and here it is!

Beer menu from beers all around!
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Yep, it’s a long list. Some breweries even brought extra beer that wasn’t on the list! So if you looked through the beer list and are thinking, I know nothing about craft beer because all I ever drink is Busch Light, I’m right there with you! So after attending, let me explain why I would still recommend this event to the person who only ever drinks light beer.

Before this event, I had enjoyed a couple craft beers here and there, but I never broke out of my comfort zone because I didn’t want to commit to the full $8 pint of beer. This is why this event is perfect for craft beer newbies. You wait in a line that goes quickly at each breweries tent, because you don’t have to wait for any money exchange once you’re through the gate! You hand the workers your pint glass and tell them which beer you’d like to try from their tent. They don’t fill it full, but its more than your average beer sample which is usually under 2 ounces. The best part, if you like it, you can go back for seconds, and probably even thirds. You can literally do this at every brewery tent, and try every brew that each had to offer. The best part, if there’s one you don’t like you don’t feel bad because you didn’t commit to a full glass, and you can dump it in one of the multiple dump buckets scattered around the park. Dumping a beer is one of the saddest things ever, but at an event with so many rare and interesting flavors, it’s expected to happen. The event even provides free water in these huge tanks that you can drink, or use to rinse your glass before your next sample.


Free Water to refresh your pallet and a beer bucket for dumping out sample you don't like.One last thing, if I convinced you to go to next year’s Rare Beer Picnic, you have to bring your own pretzel necklace. Its a string of pretzels that you wear around your neck. Me being the newbie that I was to this event thought, there must be a build-your-own pretzel necklace tent here somewhere, because so many people had them! Nope, when I asked someone, they said they brought their own. So next year, bring your own pretzel  necklace or you will regret not having a salty snack between each beer sample. No need to thank me, I just wanted to save someone next year from the agony I went through when I found out that I couldn’t have my own pretzel necklace!

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